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75 Ball Bingo

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This form of bingo is sometimes known as American bingo, as it’s their twist on the classic game. This game is played on a 5 by 5 grid, with every space but one covered in numbers. All you need to do to win is to be the first to cover all of them or create a certain pattern. Then you’ll get your hands on the jackpot! There can even be prizes in these games for those that are close to completing the pattern when the game is over. 1TG and 2TG prizes are consolation gifts for the players that just missed out on the jackpot.


90 Ball Bingo

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The UK version of the game is the one that most of our players will be accustomed to. There’s a rectangular grid in this game instead, split into three lines. A ticket has a total of 15 numbers dotted around the grid for you to dab. Your goal is to be the first player to complete a line, two lines or the entire grid. The prizes get larger the more numbers you manage to dab off, with the exception of promotional games. If you’re looking for the classic bingo experience then check out these games in our lobby. No matter which type of bingo game you prefer, you’ll find more than enough of these games to play in with us, with fantastic bingo bonuses to boot!